With Mohamed Khaled

In this episode of Business is Personal, I’m sitting with a workspace legend, Mohamed, who’s hotdesk app is exactly the solution I (and thousands of others) need.

If you have remote working privileges, are a solopreneur, or just like to call in sick so you can work from a place with real trees in it sometimes… you need to watch this.

With Michelle Strydom

In this episode of Business is Personal, I talk to Michelle about front line sales.

Interestingly enough, right after I recorded this episode, I conducted a couple of training programs in sales psychology, and I incorporated some of what we talked about into the program.

With Christophe Moons

So on this episode of Business is Personal, I’m sitting down with a small business and social media guru, Christophe Moons, to talk about how companies can be more effective communicators online.

With Dave Crane

In this episode of Business is Personal, Dave shares what it was like for him in the public speaking industry. What does a gut punch to an icon builder look like?

With Ahmad Imam

I’m still hoping that who I am, and what I offer, will be enough.

It’s hard, with so much pressure to perform, to look right, to smile correctly, to be selfless and accurate and kind and gracious and loving and forgiving and, and, and…
… to be authentic.

With Alex & Usama Nini

So much were discussed on highlighting the importance of creating something from what you have read, watched, or heard and improving the mistakes or failures committed so that you can find what needs to be developed in the future. More importantly, we also talked about finding great mentors to efficiently harness the knowledge you have consumed and use it later on to contribute to the success of your company or business.

With Mads Winther

“If you’re number one in any industry, it’s normally because you are more intense than the second best.”

We had a LOT of exchange of insights when it comes to B2B sales, the psychology beneath it, how to engage customers as early as possible on the buyer’s journey, and so much more!

With Sharjeel Akhtar

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a job that they love. But, to let the creative side of you flow through your career, you can do something you’re passionate at on the sidelines.

I am grateful to have this conversation with Sharjeel Akhtar as we talk about igniting passion and retaining creativity for productive performance at work.

With Gabrielle Mather

You must be the one accountable for keeping the fire burning in your heart and having a resilient state of mind to continue running your business in the face of adversity.

We had a productive talk in which we discussed the significance of grit, passion for the trade you are in, and how to manage F&B business to thrive as an entrepreneur.

With Meiraj Hussain

Effective employee retention can save a company’s productivity. Workplaces with high retention rates tend to have more engaged employees who, in turn, get more done.

Employees that are engaged are more likely to develop customer connections, and teams that have had time to come together are likewise more effective.

With Mahmoud Gao

Here’s another successful episode of Business is Personal with our guest, Mahmoud Gao, CEO of Mr. Draper.

During our exchange of insights, we talked about important points on creating startups, sustainable growth, and dealing with setbacks along the entrepreneurial journey.

With Spencer Lodge

In our conversation, we tackled these three main points:

1. How seriously should people take their cryptocurrency investment strategy;
2. What happens if we print more money; and
3. How much money should we invest in cryptocurrency?